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OUR RUGS ARE MORE THAN JUST PRETTY PICTURES! do not just fall for their looks, touch them, feel them and view them in your own house!

There are various factors that could affect the way a rug looks quite different from the picture in real life. Natural Light, Pile length, Interior colours and directions

of windows could all affect its appearance. Feel Free to take us up on our no obligation home viewing service to try the rugs that will eventually be part of

your home for a long time. Simply follow the

following steps:

STEP 1: Create a Wishlist from our website

STEP 2: Send us your Wishlist using the built in functionality in our Wishlist system.

Now sit back and let us do all the hardwork to find, collect and bring those to your doorstep and try them in situ at the time that is suitable to YOU!




Step 1: Just find any pictures of the rugs YOU like from PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM or other internet sources. (This will help us understand your taste better)

STEP 2: Email us the images and your measurements at We will then find the rugs that match your taste and bring those to YOU!

You can also simply GET IN TOUCH over the phone and let us put something together based on your colour scheme and measurements.

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