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Persian Rugs Origin and history

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Posted on August 10 2018

Persian rugs have been known to many as an ultimate travel trophy and a beautiful artistic piece from the East. It is literally a piece of Art that you can walk on. How did Persian rugs come about though? what are there origin?How are they made? and how do they fit in the modern age?

History and Origin:

The exact age of the tradition of handwoven rugs is unknown. Originally woven by the tribal people to protect them from damp and cold, the handmade rugs emerged as a necessity rather than distinction. As the traditional evolved, It found its appeal to noblemen, the distinguished gentry and even to the Royals.

In 1948, while Russian archaeologists were carrying some excavation works to the tomb of Altai Prince in Altai mountains Siberia, they unearthed a rug which later turned out to be the oldest handmade rug known to man. Its believed that when the Prince had died, he was buried with his worldly possessions including that rug in his tomb. Named after the valley they found it in,


The Pazyryk carpet demonstrated how far the weavers had excelled in the art of weaving, even around 400 BC. This fine quality of the rug is a testament to the fact that the art of weaving was already quite evolved around 2500 years ago, which means the rug weaving itself is much older than that. 

Modern day Usage:

Today, we see Persian rugs in all settings from elegant conference rooms of big hotels, the most luxurious homes of the privileged few to even the simple small houses next door. People who appreciate and understand the value of handmade authentic Persian rugs keep these rugs which eventually turn into heirloom or even investment pieces. 

Although we see more and more capitalising of the handmade rugs industry where more so called 'factories' are being formed, there are still plenty of authentic handmade rugs that are still woven using the ancient techniques, natural organic vegetable dyes and finest wool and/or silk. it is these pieces that will hold and potentially increase in value over time. Hence, if you are after an authentic heirloom piece, we recommends getting it only from a reputable specialist rug dealer.

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